Willis Panzarello     Golf      2021

108 Towle
Palm Desert CA 92211
Phone: 760-333-6022

Birthday: 07/24/2003
Willis Panzarello@gmail.com

Video tape: Yes

Palm Desert High School
Palm Desert, CA. 92211
League: Desert Empire 
Coach: Kurt Ney
Phone(C): 760-578-3941
Email: kurtney2019@gmail.com

Year of Graduation: 2021
Overall GPA: 2.7
SAT: ---     ACT: ---
Career Amb: Undecided
Info Verified: Yes
Clearing Elig. pin #1903447854

Height: 6'3"         Weight: 155
Bench: ---              Squat: ---
Add'l Sports: N/A


SCOUTING REPORT:  Meet Willis Panzarello. A very bright, self-driven 15-year old sophomore starting on a perennial powerhouse golf team who has dominated SoCal golf for many years. At 6’3” he has a frame to build upon and is only 15 years old playing in the starting five most of the time on his team loaded with already committed D1 talent.
Willis has been playing golf for many years and is rounding into a DI prospect already. This season he is averaging 38 in nine-hole high school tournaments. He competes for both his school and in state and regional tournaments sponsored by SCGA and USJGA

His high school coach, Kurt Ney, says “Willis is a solid young player- talented beyond his years.” His swing tempo is very balanced and effortless, very much like Ernie Els. He can go low with his score and has the ability to make birdies under pressure.” Coach Ney can be reached at 760-578-3941 or by email at kurtney2019@gmail.com and would be delighted t speak with you about a prospect for your DI program who is sure to help you win tournaments.
His coach rates his qualities of Attitude, Character, Coachablity, Physical Ability, Mental Makeup and Work Ethic as Good to Excellent and ranks him as a sophomore in the Top 25% of kids he has coached, with loads of room for growth and improvement. Coach Ney says the only area that he needs to improve in is his confidence, while he is well suited to play at the highest level in college due to his strength and length. Coach commented that his best skill is his consistency in putting.

He is concentrating on his GPA and plans to have it a solid 3.0 by the end of his sophomore year, and higher yet by graduation time. This summer he will be playing AJGA, Toyota Tour Cup and Future Champions tournaments.
Make plans to watch Willis play and put him on your recruiting board. He will be a solid asset to the school he attends and the team that he plays for.