Jake Maranto                O-L, D-L, LS           2019 

5037 Willow Chase Dr
Benton, LA 71006
Phone: 318-519-0822
Birthday: 5-15-01
Cellphone: 318-505-6383
Single Parent: No
Video tape: Yes

Benton High School
Benton, LA 71006
League: District 1 4A
Coach: Reynolds Moore
Phone(C): 318-451-0383

Year of Graduation: 2019
Overall GPA: 3.95
SAT: --- ACT: 23
Class Rank: N/A
Career Amb: Orthopedic Surgeon
Clearing Elig. pin #

Height: 5'11"    Weight: 255
Bench: 280         Squat: 500
Speed: 5.5/40
Add'l Sports: Track & Field

2-Years Varsity Football Team

1st Team All District
All Parish Team

SCOUTING REPORT:   Jake is a 2019 graduate; he has a 3.95 GPA / ACT 23; he plays both offensive line and defensive line; he also is a long-snapper; he has been on the varsity for 2-years; and was selected 1st Team All-District. Jake brings many of the attributes needed to compete at the high next level: intelligence; physical attributes; strength (bench 285/squat 455); football skills; and a great work ethic. This big, powerful, intelligent student-athlete is an outstanding OL/DL and is nothing less than top-notch. One of Jake's strength is his durability; he has the ability to take the pounding and punishment on both sides of the ball. Jake possesses tremendous arm and hand strength which allows him to fend off DL/OL and create separation. His tenacity and drive are unbelievable from whistle to whistle. Jake possesses a motor on the field that keeps him a threat at all times. Offensively, Jake is a dominant blocker. His ferocity is evident on the offensive side as well as on the defensive side as he attacks blocking with the same vigor as he does the defensive side of the ball. Jake brings a great deal of passion and discipline to the field. His work ethic is second to none and is always willing to give 110%. He has the mental and physical attributes to be a big time contributor at the collegiate level.
COACHES: Get in touch with this student-athlete for your 2019 recruiting class needs.