Malik Carter         CB/WR/KR        Class 2019

44 Toms Knob Rd.
Rocky Mount, Virginia, 24151
Phone: 803-667-7748
Birthday: 02/27/01
Cellphone: 803-605-5072
Video tape: Yes


Franklin County High School 
Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151
League: Piedmont 
Coach: Walter Edwards 
Phone(C): (540) 357-0266

Year of Graduation: 2019
Overall GPA: 2.83
SAT: 800       ACT: ---
Career Amb:  Business Finance 
Info Verified: Yes
Clearing Elig. pin #

Height: 6'0"      Weight: 182
Bench:  280       Squat: 460
Speed: 4.38/40
Add'l Sports: Indoor/Outdoor Track, Wresting ​


3 years of Varsity Football,
Started 2 -Years,
2018 season (11) games 

Scouting report: Malik is a 2019 graduate; he has a 2.83 GPA / 800 SAT; he plays on both sides of the ball (CB/WR/KR); and he has been a started on the varsity for 2-years. Malik is an intense competitor with a strong desire to win. He is dedicated/committed to his teammates. Malik has great speed 4.38;  has a great sense of the game and is always around the football. He is fearless and confident. Malik plays bigger and faster than he is and has good quickness and lateral movement. He is a legitimate shut down corner that has natural ability. He has incredible change of direction, speed, and great hip movement that helps transition on defensive side of the ball. He has very good vision and attacks the ball while in the air. Very good leaping ability with good timing on the ball. He has very good quickness; as a receiver he doesn’t shy away from contact; and he is very hard to bring down. He has a very sturdy frame in which to build upon. Malik has great hands and has the ability to create separation from the defender. He is not timid about making plays across the middle. He has a great second gear that allows him to separate from defenders. Malik is the type of player who has just touched the surface of his potential and will be an asset to any college program.