Jesse A. Fite   Catcher    2017

35420 Military Rd S
Auburn, WA 98001
Phone: 650-799-0063
Birthday: 05/24/1995
Single Parent: No
Video tape: Yes

Todd Beamer HS
Federal Way, WA 98003
League: 4A
Coach: Brain Graham
Phone(H): 253-945-2784
Phone(C): 509-280-5578
E-mail: --

Year of Graduation: 2018
Overall GPA: 3.3
SAT: 1472 ACT: --
Career Amb: Business
Honors: No
Info Verified: Yes
Clearing pin #

Height: 5'10" Weight: 185
Bench: 220 Squat: 400
Handed: Right Bats: Switch
Speed: --
Add'l Sports: Soccer, Tennis 


3-Years Varsity Baseball Team
Avg. 0.444 / OBP 0.584
SLG 0.584
AB 346 / R 76 / 2B 26 / 3B 2 HR 5
RBI 66 / SB 46 / BB 75 / HBP 9
ESC Tigers Select
SS Rainiers Select / Buzz Selec

SCOUTING REPORT:  Jesse is a 2017 5'10", 185 lb. catcher at Todd Beamer HS in Auburn WA. Jesse has a current GPA of 3.3 is in running start, and he will have earned his AA degree by graduation. Jesse is seeking an opportunity at a 4 year program to continue his studies and play baseball. Jesse is highly recommended to college coaches seeking a dedicated, talented student athlete. His Select team coach Mike Berg says, "Jesse works very hard; he has great feet and hands. He is leading the team in hitting at .571 the first two weeks. Good speed for a catcher, a gap guy, lots of line drives. He is a great kid, natural leader, guys gravitate to him. When the other guys are goofing around Jesse is all business. He is reliable, he's dedicated, I recommend him to all coaches to see and consider. " Coach Kenny Delmarter agrees adding; "He is unselfish, will give himself up for the team. One of the leaders on the team, very baseball smart, knows tendencies, calls a very good game for his age. He is ahead of the other kids as to his instincts of the game." Both coaches have clocked his pop time at 2.2 consistently. They both agree that is his singular area most development. They both also agree they expect to have that improved to 2.0 by fall 2016.