Matthew DeZiel          Catcher Class 2021

6127 Vine Hill Road
Minnetonka, MN, 55345
Phone: 612-770-1299
Birthday: 10/30/2002
Single Parent: No
Video tape: Yes

Southwest Christian
Chaska, Minnesota
League: MCAA
Coach: Rob Wassenaar
Phone(C): 612-327-9277

Year of Graduation: 2021
Overall GPA: 3.78
SAT: ---      ACT: ---
Career Amb: Business, law
Honors: Yes
Info Verified: Yes
Clearing Elig. pin #1901399428​

Height: 6'1" Weight: 180
Bench: ---       Squat: --

Add'l Sports: Basketball


Baseball Team
All-Star Team

Scouting report: Matthew is a 2021 graduate; he is a catcher; and he has a 3.78 GPA. Matthew is the consummate student-athlete; he excels in the classroom and on the playing field. He has tremendous athleticism and skills. He is filled with potential and has the discipline and work ethic to take his game to the next level.  At the catcher's position, he can control the game from behind the plate and has a good feel for runners. He has great instincts and can move from side-to-side with quickness. Matthew possesses a very strong arm with a quick release. At the plate, he has a nice compact swing; good balance; fluid movement through the ball; and is able to drive the ball to all fields. He has a good stance and weight transfer. The ball has a tendency to "jump" off of his bat. Matthew has very good hand-eye-coordination along with being a very patient hitter. He has the ability to make a pitcher work deep into the count. He is an intense competitor who works continuously to improve his game. His work ethic is amazing; he has a great attitude; and is extremely coachable. Matthew will be an asset to any college program and coach.