Jonathan Bunnell        QB/S      2021

24 Osgood Road
Kensington, NH 03833
Phone: 603-770-0501
Birthday: 01-16-03
Video tape: Yes

St. John's Preparatory 
Danvers, MA 01923
League: Division I and Catholic Conference
Coach: Brian St. Pierre
Phone(C): 978-774-1050 x271

Year of Graduation: 2019
Overall GPA: 3.9
SAT: ---    ACT: ---
Career Amb: Business
Honors: Yes
Info Verified: Yes
Clearing Elig. pin #

Height: 6'2"        Weight: 180
Bench: 180           Squat: 215
Speed: 4.9/40
Add'l Sports: Lacrosse, Basketball


1-Year JV Football Team

SCOUTING REPORT:​ Jonathan is a 2021 gradute; he has a 3.9 GPA; and he plays QB & Safety on the football team. He 
 brings many of the attributes needed to compete at the high college football level: physical attributes (6'2/180); intelligence (GPA 3.9); discipline; great work ethic; and athletic skills. He has all the intangibles to play the position at the next level, he is a student of the game and excellent student in the classroom. Jonathan leads by example both on and off the field. He has the combination of size at 6'2" and arm strength to get the ball down field, along with the pocket presence to make plays with both his arm and legs. Jonatahn is an intelligent athlete that only knows how to commit 100% to whatever his task at hand is. He works hard in and off season to perfect his craft, taking in every bit of advice from his coaches to be the best athlete he can be.  Jonathan has a feel for the game and a talent for reading defenses that will only continue to improve with experience.   POISED - impressive pocket awareness and stands tall in the face of pressure. Incredibly competitive and a team leader who loves the big moment. Thrives off contact. A tireless worker that is coachable and possesses great knowledge of the game. He has a great blend of strength and speed and can throw from the pocket and on the run. He makes great decisions in the passing game and makes good decisions. We believe that the combination of his natural abilities and his desire to succeed will make him an outstanding college prospect.

COACHES: Get in touch with this student-athlete for your 2021 recruiting class needs.