Chase Bibler          DE/DT             Class 2019

2760 Serena Ave. 
Clovis, CA 93619
Phone: 559-297-8772

Cellphone: 559-301-7910
Birthday: 10/23/2001
Single Parent: No
Video tape: Yes

Buchanan High School
Clovis, CA, 93619
League: TRAC
Coach:  Matt Giordano
Phone(C): 559-859-3244


Year of Graduation: 2019
Overall GPA: 3.70
SAT: 1150       ACT: --
Career Amb: Undecided
Honors: Yes
Info Verified: Yes
Clearing Elig. pin #1706819877

Height: 6'4"    Weight: 245
Bench: 280      Squat: 420

Speed: ---
Add'l Sports: N/A


​3-Years Varsity Football Team
2018 Stats:
​Solo Tackles-24, Asst Tackles-71, Sacks 11
Sack Yrds Lost-99, Blocked Punt-2
​2017 Season Stats:
Solo Tackles-37, Asst Tackles-40, Sacks-4, Sack Yrds Lost-16, Batted Passes-6,
Forced Fumbles 2

SCOUTING REPORT:   Chase is a 2019 graduate; he has a 3.70 GPA / SAT 1150; he plays both DE & DT; and he has been on the varsity for the past 3-years. He is the consummate student-athlete who excels in the classroom and on the football field. Chase has the physical attributes (6'4/245); strength (bench 280/squat 420); intelligence (GPA 3.70); and football acumen to be a big-time player at the collegiate level. He is one of those rare players who understands the game and knows what other players are doing on each play. Chase moves extremely well for his size; he has quick hands; and has great lower body strength. He has the ability to keep his body low and is able to get very good leverage on his opponent. Chase is just starting to tip his physical maturity; he is still growing and has the body frame to add 30-40 pounds. He is the type of player who is just starting to evolve into a big-time player and will be an asset to any college program. Chase is a game changer on the defensive side of the ball. His combination of speed, explosiveness and power make it difficult for any offensive lineman to block him one on one. His tenacity and drive are unbelievable from whistle to whistle. We believe Chase has all the skills and attributes to be a Division 1 player. College coaches get in touch with this student-athlete for your 2019 recruitng class needs.