About the Steven Luongo Athletes Group

The Steven Luongo Athletes Group ("SLAG") is an organization set-up to help families pay for our college sports recruiting service. SLAG was started in the summer of 2012, by his mother.

Connie Luongo had a son who used recruitingforu and as a result he received numerous recruiting opportunities from college coaches. Her son went on to attend a top 10 academic college and play college baseball for 4-years.

Ms. Luongo had the pleasure to watch him play and when he died in a car accident, a few years later she set-up a foundation in his name to award families grants to help offset the cost of the recruiting service offered by recruitingforu.

​The Group awards families a grant to subsidize a portion (between 70-85% of the cost) of the fee that we charge to market and promote a student-athlete. Grants are awarded solely on the income of the family and is based on the honor system. Once a grant is awarded the family has 3-4 days to accept and enroll in the program. If the grant expires the family has the right at any time to enroll in their program but at the full price (without the help of the grant.) If the family decides to re-apply for another grant they must wait 12 months. There are also no assurances they will be awarded another grant or at the same amount. It is  based on what is available in the Group to be awarded to families.

When a family accepts the grant; it is applied towards the cost of the recruiting program offered by recruitingforu. The family "only"  pays the remaining amount. That's the only cost to the family.

SLAG hopes that each family who is awarded a grant and goes on to use the service of recruitingforu enjoys the same results as Ms. Luongo's son. 

We wish each family and student-athlete all the best and much success over the course of their recruiting career.