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20 Tips
on how to get recruited

Tip #1:
Be the child of a famous athlete

Tip #2:
Donate $5,000,000 to your
school of choice

Tip #3:
Throw a baseball 95 MPH

Tip #6:
Be the son of a college coach

Tip #4:
Run a 4.3/40 time

Tip #5:
Be really tall and a special athlete

Tip #7:
Be that 5%

Tip #8:
Have a lot of offers

Tip #9:
Get on ESPN

Tip #10:
Be 6'5 285 and run like a deer

Tip #11:
Rent the Goodyear Blimp

if none of these options apply to you, then try these:​

Tip #12:
Get good grades in school

Tip #13:
Take the SAT & ACT exams

Tip #14:
Be pro-active

Tip #15:
Get coaches to know about you

Tip #16:
Be persistent

Tip #17:
Respond to every coach

Tip #18:
Have a highlight tape

Tip #19:
Never give up

Tip #20:
connect with college using
21st century technology

96% of college coaches use a smartphone, so why not connect with coaches in the 21st century technology.